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Camps and Clinics

Virginia One Lacrosse offers your daughters the ability to practice and play with a competitive team. However, since the game continues to evolve, going to outside camps and clinics is highly recommended if your daughter wants to play at the next level. 

Rising Girls Showcase


Nike Girls Philly Showcase Camp


Washington & Lee Prospect Clinic (2023 ONLY)


D3 Lacrosse Showcase

Mission Statement

Virginia One Girls Lacrosse Club considers fundamentals to be the foundation for a successful athlete. We achieve this through exemplary coaching, guidance and teaching girls’ lacrosse the right way. Primacy will be placed on the commitment of creating an environment in which the athletes will be able to excel and showcase their talent in a team setting. The club will work through the college recruiting process with all who desire to play at the collegiate level.

Affiliates of the Virginia One Girls Lacrosse Club program will demonstrate commitment to excellence through perseverance with an understanding that our actions will personify class. We are dedicated to providing a positive learning environment to enable our girls in strengthening their fundamentals, excelling in the game and succeeding at life. 

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